Welcome to the modern world of alternative medicine evaluations. SB Medical offers three convenient ways to obtain your Letter of Recommendation including visiting our office, mobile in-home appointments, and online evaluations done by a secure video chat with a licensed physician.

We serve all qualifying patients of 18 years and over with a valid ID/CDL in California and Nevada under California Proposition 215 and Senate Bill 420. We provide top quality 24/7 patient verification with a dedication to HIPPA and patient privacy that guarantees your 100% confidentiality and privacy.

We accept patients who are new to alternative medicine as well as patients looking to renew their recommendation letter that they received from another physician.

During your visit with our physician you will discuss the benefits and risks of using alternative medicine for your physical needs. If our physician believes that alternative medicine is a viable treatment for your condition, an official recommendation letter is written and issued electronically which can then be verified by any California dispensary.

*Some dispensaries will require you to bring in the original signed and embossed letter of recommendation that we will mail to you after your evaluation at no extra charge.

All recommendations are valid for one year following the evaluation approval date. With your letter of recommendation you also have the option to purchase an ultra high quality plastic photo ID card in order to avoid the risk of losing/ruining your original letter. Medical/Law Enforcement I.D. cards are also available.

*Additional/replacement letters of recommendation are available at a minimal cost.